San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

Welcome to my portfolio, a heartfelt collection of moments captured through my lens as a Bay Area Family and Maternity Photographer. Within these pages, you will discover images that reflect the love, joy, and connections within families.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds me, I aim to create timeless portraits that celebrate the unique stories of each family. Whether it's the anticipation and excitement of maternity sessions or the laughter and warmth of family portraits, my goal is to capture genuine emotions and create images that  can be treasured for eternity. 




Collections Starting at $800

01 Contact Me | Let's chat about your vision! Start by filling out my contact form. I will respond within 24-48 hours. Together, we will select a date and location! 

02 Prepare | Let's get ready for your big day! You will receive my personalized portrait guide to help you prepare and dress for your shoot! You will also receive a questionnaire to fill out so that I can get to know you better and understand your unique vision. 

03 Picture Day | Be you! Show up as yourself and embrace this special time in your life that we are documenting. Relax and let me capture the precious memories!

04 Delivery | You're so excited to see your photos! Trust me, I am so excited to deliver them! Turnaround time for galleries is 2-3 weeks after the session. 

The Maternity Process

The Maternity experience

Congratulations on entering this exciting new phase of your life! You're about to step into the role of a mother, whether it's your first time or you're already a seasoned pro. Capturing this unique moment in time is truly invaluable. You won't ever relive this exact path again! So, why not turn it into a delightful experience where you radiate the beauty of an expectant mother!

As a maternity photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, my aim is to provide you with an enjoyable and hassle-free maternity session (loaded with playful quips and lighthearted humor, of course) that underscores the significance of preserving your maternity journey for the generations you're bringing into the world.

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